Endon High School - Rated Good
21 November 2023

Endon High School Celebrates ‘Good’ Ofsted

Endon High School is delighted to announce its recent Ofsted inspection report, which has awarded the school a 'Good' rating. The inspection took place on 4 and 5 October 2023, and the results highlight the remarkable achievements and continuous commitment to excellence at Endon High School.

Blackfriars Academy - Oustanding
19 November 2023

Blackfriars | Simply Outstanding

Hold onto your hats because Blackfriars Academy is on cloud nine after snagging an absolutely Outstanding rating from Ofsted!

Image of Redhill Primary - Gold Mental Health Award
15 November 2023

Redhill Primary - Gold Mental Health Award

Redhill Primary School, are thrilled to receive the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools at Gold level!. Through their dedicated efforts and commitment to fostering a supportive...

Image of Saluting Our Sisters
13 October 2023

Saluting Our Sisters

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be successful. As a trust we pledge an unswerving commitment to improve, accelerate and enable ambitious life goals for all young people...

Image of The Development Of Brookhaven School
9 October 2023

The Development Of Brookhaven School

We are excited to announce that the development of this new special school has begun, and it is making great progress! Brookhaven, is undoubtedly a significant and commendable new development coming to Bury in January 2024....

Image of Summer fun for all the family
4 August 2023

Summer fun for all the family

There are a range of budget-friendly family activities available over the summer, reaching from Bury to Birmingham!

Shaw Education Trust announces a partnership with a national charity - Ambition Institute
3 August 2023

Partnership with a national charity

Trainee teachers across Bury will benefit from a training programme as Shaw Education Trust announces a partnership with a national charity.

Outstanding KNSTE Ofsted Report
3 August 2023

Outstanding KNSTE

Ofsted delight in outstanding training experiences.

An image showing the Community Junction Premises
7 July 2023

Community Junction - Newfriars College

The Community Junction in Andrew Place, Newcastle-under-Lyme is a partnership between Alice Charity and Newfriars College.

Mate Excellence Award Winners
30 June 2023

MAT Excellence Award Winners

Big News! Shaw Education Trust has won the prestigious MAT Excellence Award for Digital Innovation!

Redhill Primary Art Exhibition
22 June 2023

Redhill Primary - Art

In the Press - Redhill Primary school students have explored all of the unique and wonderful things that can be found in the universe in their "unique by design" exhibition.

Image of Walton Hall - Queen Galadriel
21 June 2023

Walton Hall - Queen Galadriel

Built in 1937 at Svenborg in Denmark. Galadriel was originally called Else after the first Captains daughter. She traded as a cargo vessel around the coasts of Denmark and Norway, first as a motor sailer but after 1956 under motor alone. In 1983 she was bought by the Cirdan Trust, extensive stored and re-rigged and in 1984 she entered service as Queen Galadriel.

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