Under the expert project management of Dave Kershaw at Shaw Education Trust, Carson Powell orchestrated the comprehensive transformation of a previously disused area into a cutting-edge science laboratory. The project involved merging several rooms into one cohesive space, a task that demanded meticulous planning and execution.

Working closely with the project team, Dave Kershaw ensured seamless coordination throughout the renovation process. Carson Powell's vision for the laboratory's redesign was brought to life through strategic upgrades and thoughtful enhancements.

From the relocation and replacement of heating and electrical systems to the meticulous modification of the gas infrastructure, every aspect of the project was carefully overseen. Dave Kershaw's adept management ensured that timelines were met, and resources allocated efficiently.

In addition to the core upgrades, the team installed new floor coverings, a suspended ceiling, energy-efficient LED lighting, and sleek aluminium doors. Carson Powell's attention to detail extended to the aesthetic elements, with full decorations enhancing the laboratory's ambiance.

Furthermore, seizing the opportunity to enhance existing facilities, Carson Powell led efforts to revitalise two science labs within the building. These renovations, overseen by Dave Kershaw, included modernizing floor coverings, refreshing decorations, and integrating interactive television displays.

Through the collaborative efforts of Carson Powell and Dave Kershaw, the science facilities at Shaw Education Trust underwent a remarkable transformation. Their dedication to excellence ensures that students and faculty alike benefit from state-of-the-art learning environments.