Carson Powell spearheaded the comprehensive transformation of the sports hall changing rooms, with Dave Kershaw, one of our superb Project Managers in the Shaw Education Trust Estates Team, overseeing the project's management.

Beginning with a complete stripping down of the existing structure, only the external walls remained intact. Subsequently, a fresh layout was meticulously crafted, delineating spacious changing areas complete with separate toilet and shower facilities. Moreover, a dedicated staff office was incorporated, featuring an observation window overlooking the bustling main sports hall.

To optimise space usage, the pre-existing sports equipment stores were seamlessly integrated into the new design scheme. Furthermore, to meet burgeoning storage needs, expansive equipment stores were innovatively devised. These new, larger storage spaces took shape through a newly added single-storey extension adjacent to the sports hall. Notably, these extended facilities boast convenient access points both from within the sports hall and externally.