The exhibition, titled 'Through the Frame', will take place at Newcastle-under-Lyme’s Brampton Museum.

Opening its doors to the public from February 10th to April 14th, 'Through the Frame' represents the culmination of six months of meticulous planning. This collaborative endeavour involves 14 Key Stage 3 and 4 students from Madeley School, art dealer Dr. Jack Roberts, a former Madeley pupil, and The Brampton Museum.

The brainchild of Madeley School’s Faculty Leader of Performance and Creativity, Katie Leath, and Dr. Roberts, the Young Curators Art Project aims to democratize art and provide insight into the creative process. Speaking about their vision for the exhibition, the Young Curators expressed their desire to share exceptional artwork while making it accessible to all.

Katie Leath and Dr RobertsDr. Roberts, who has been instrumental in guiding the students and providing the artwork from his company Art Addict, explained the inspiration behind the exhibition's title. He emphasized the excitement of uncovering each artwork from its packaging, which influenced the selection process for the exhibition.

'Through the Frame' invites visitors to delve deeper into the artists' concepts and meanings behind their works. The exhibition will feature mind maps showcasing the students' interpretations, alongside innovative displays like a David Shrigley teapot displayed on a potter's wheel, paying homage to the region's pottery heritage.

The students will personally install the artworks at Brampton Gallery before the grand opening.

Lee Nixon, Principal of Madeley School, commended the students and staff for their involvement in the project, highlighting its alignment with the school's commitment to arts education.

'Through the Frame' marks one of the inaugural exhibitions at The Brampton Museum following its £850,000 two-year transformation, including a new gallery space.

Teresa Mason, Culture and Arts Manager at Brampton Museum, expressed excitement about the collaboration and looks forward to witnessing the students' interpretation of the contemporary art collection.

Supported by funding from Arts Council England via the National Lottery Project Grants, the Young Curators Art Project underscores the importance of arts education in fostering creativity and critical thinking among students.


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