We're incredibly proud to spotlight the outstanding achievements of Daniel Tranter, the DofE Manager from one of our schools St Andrew's Academy in Derby, whose remarkable dedication and innovative approach have earned him a special mention at the National DofE Awards in London.

Since joining St Andrew's Academy six years ago, Daniel's commitment to making the DofE program fully accessible to all learners has been unwavering. His profound understanding of SEND provision and his unwavering belief in high aspirations for every student have been pivotal.

Under Daniel's guidance, the DofE program at St Andrew's has seen extraordinary growth and impact. Over the past two years, 15 students have achieved the bronze award, with 8 students advancing to Silver. Notably, this year, a record breaking 22 students have actively engaged in the bronze level, with 5 pursuing Silver and, for the first time, 5 daring to achieve Gold.


Daniel's exceptional leadership has been nationally recognised for his role in shaping this exceptional provision. His approach stands as a beacon of inclusivity and innovation, inspiring others as a role model in the DofE community.

Daniel also ensures financial constraints never hinder a student's participation. His heartfelt dedication to this cause was evident when, in March 2022, he cycled 300 miles with his father, Kevin, raising over £5,000 towards DofE costs. 

Sadly, Kevin passed away shortly after the event. However, Daniel finds comfort in the belief that his father would have been immensely proud of the funds raised benefiting St Andrew's. In honor of Kevin, the school has instituted the Kevin Tranter DofE Outstanding Achievement Award, a testament to his lasting impact on the program.

Daniel Tranter's journey exemplifies the transformative power of dedication, inclusivity, and perseverance. His recognition in the This is Youth stands not only as a personal achievement but as a tribute to his father's legacy and the countless lives he's touched through his remarkable work at St Andrew's Academy.

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This recognition echoes not only Daniel's extraordinary efforts but also reflects the shared commitment of the entire St Andrew's community to empower every student, regardless of their abilities, to reach for the stars through the DofE program.

Well Done Daniel and the whole team at St Andrews Academy!