At Shaw Education Trust, we've decided to flip the script on Blue Monday. To rewrite the narrative, we brought our team together for a delightful surprise, an extended lunch break filled with good food and fun games!

Our lunch tables were graced with a classic chip shop spread. There's nothing like crispy chips with a side of mushy peas! But the fun didn’t stop with the menu. We engaged in a series of hilarious games, from the artistic chaos of Scrawl to the insightful challenges of Herd Mentality we transformed Blue Monday into a story of positive energy.

While Blue Monday has earned its reputation as the most depressing day of the year, we wanted to change that by creating moments of connection and shared enjoyment, we believe we've set a tone of positivity that extends beyond this one-day event.

We recognise the importance of fostering a supportive and uplifting work environment. Our efforts go beyond banishing the blues for a day, they're about strengthening our team spirit and creating lasting memories.

As Monday unfolds, give a friend a call! Join us on our mission to banish the blues and turn today into a day of spreading positivity!

Because in the grand scheme of things, Mondays are what we make of them. We’re choosing to make them memorable, enjoyable and a collective celebration of our team spirit. Here's to banishing the blues and embracing the vibrant energy that comes from facing challenges together!