Guess who's back... That's right, it's me, Elfie! Reporting live from Santa's Grotto,

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, filled to the brim with laughter and joy! The North Pole has been bustling with holiday cheer, and guess what Santa left under my elfmas tree? A snug new jumper for my hard work at Shaw Education Trust!

You are probably wondering why I haven’t tucked myself into my warm and dreamy stocking yet until next Christmas… well I am back for one last time this year to talk about My 2023 Christmas Journey which began on the 1st of December.

After getting ready for the day, I went to meet my fellow elf friends to start preparing for Christmas day. But then, a festive spark ignited within me, a wish to make this Christmas truly unique! As the first of December came to an end, I started having a vision about an adventure, a Christmas adventure! So, with a heart full of Christmas spirit, I decided to explore beyond the cosy walls of the North Pole!

But first I scribbled a note for Santa to let him know about my Christmas adventure I was about to embark on. I then started to pack my elf-case. What did I pack, you ask? Well, a dash of fairy dust, a trusty Christmas stocking and of course a few mischievous Elfie gadgets (to add a sprinkle of mischief, as us elves tend to do!).

It was then ready to go, I started to fly through the skies from the snowy wonders of the North Pole to the cosy vibes of the UK. And on my first morning in the UK, as the sun rose and the morning haze lifted, one place stood out, the bright and inviting new headquarters of the Shaw Education Trust! I just had to explore...

This was where my Christmas Vision came to life! I snook into the reception area, where I met the lovely Jenna, the Head Office Administrative Support Assistant. After chatting, I decided to give her a hand scheduling meetings, organising deliveries, and guiding callers to the relevant departments, all while marvelling at the magnificence of the Shaw Education Trust. That night, snug in my stocking, I pondered what adventures lay ahead!

Bright and early the next day, after a chat with Jenna about who I needed to talk to about my ideas, I eagerly awaited Taylor, the Marketing & Communications Officer. With my trusty Elfie of Jenna and I in hand, I pitched an idea to contribute to the holiday cheer! To showcase the Shaw Education Trusts team by capturing Elfie’s so Taylor could present my adventures on something called "social media." I'm still figuring out what exactly that is...

With Santa's tight schedule around the corner, I knew I could only stay for a total of 12 days. But Taylor and his wizardry manager, Chris, masterminded the incredible concept of the "12 Days of People" pure genius! Before diving into the fun, I had to go through some important elf protocols with Jessica from HR to ensure I stayed on the nice list during my visit to Shaw Education Trust.

And oh, the magic that unfolded! Each day brought new adventures, from diving into workplace policies with Jess, swinging on network cables with Rob, teaming up with the dynamic duo Jayne and Rosie, having my say on mathematical meetings with Caitlin, Crawling through vents at the Meadows Primary School with Alison, completing my agile appraisal with Kerry, joining in on Stephen's festive activities, visiting Heather's magical Christmas grotto, earning my qualification in National Professional Behaviour & Culture Leadership with Fiona, rocking the Kidsgrove Secondary School Got Talent with Alex Till, and even having an unexpected run in with Santa at Kidsgrove Primary School's Christmas Fete!



What a journey it has been! The Shaw Education Trust team are all absolute stars! Their dedication, attention to detail, and the warmth they bring to everything they do definitely earned them a spot on Santa's nice list. The atmosphere they create is as heart warming as sipping hot chocolate on a chilly winter night.

Thank you for making my Christmas merry and bright and turning my vision into a reality! I'll be eagerly awaiting next year – perhaps another round of festive fun awaits!

Now, it’s time for me to slip back into my festive, cosy and warm stocking until the 1st of December next year! Until we meet again,