Greetings, fellow merrymakers! The curtains are closing on my grand adventure, The 12 days of people! Today began as I was nestled in my stocking, dreaming of sugar-coated gingerbread and candy canes. In the distance, I heard a little robin fluttering. Immediately, I jumped up to watch the beautiful bird fly by with its luscious wings. It came closer and closer to surprisingly deliver exciting news! What was the chirpy bird’s announcement? Kidsgrove Primary School is hosting a Christmas Fete, and somehow, yours truly missed the invitation!

Naturally, a sneaky mission commenced, stealth mode activated! I tiptoed through secret paths and crept past the busy corridors, aiming to uncover the secrets of the Christmas Fete. It was all about finding those homemade treats and festive fun! But in a twist of fate, who did I encounter? None other than Santa himself! Quite the unexpected guest at the school fete, wouldn’t you say? His unexpected appearance here must mean the students have been extraordinarily good this year!

I made a dash for cover. But he caught sight of me! There I was, red-handed. What did I do? Well... I might have told a fib... I told him I was invited to the Christmas Fete... shhh, don't tell him what I've really been up to...

Brushing past that conversation... Santa and I then started chatting about my 12 days of people, including all the incredible folks I had met! After our heart-to-heart, Santa kindly granted me permission to write a story on my 12 days of people and my final merry thoughts on the hard work being completed at The Shaw Education Trust!

Reminding me to say a heartfelt thank you to all who've joined me on this whirlwind of adventures! The 12 Days Of People have been a highlight in my merry dreams. Until Boxing Day arrives, where I’ll share my final view on the Shaw Education Trust, remember to spread warmth, joy, and the spirit of the season! From what I have seen, you are all on the good list this year so keep up the hard work and have a very merry Christmas!