Elfie here, back with another merry tale from my 12 Days of People extravaganza! Today was a whirlwind of glitz and glamour, and oh, the excitement!

It all began when I was soaring through the skies of Kidsgrove, looking for mischief when suddenly, a mysterious flyer zoomed past me. In a flash I zipped after it, dodging birds and clouds and finally caught up with the wind. What did this message hold? A magical announcement about the Kidsgrove Secondary School Talent Show! The thought of joining in got my elf heart racing, and guess who ensured I snagged a performance spot? None other than the remarkable Alex Till, the Assistant Headteacher & SENCo from Kidsgrove Secondary School.

With the stage set and the crowd buzzing, I was ready to showcase my dance moves and sprinkle some Christmas cheer! As the spotlight shone, I jingled all the way and danced with all the joy in my Elfie heart a bit of this… and then a dance to that and bam the splits... ouch that hurt! It was then my turn to watch the other performances! From soulful singing to mesmerising dance routines, and even magical acts that made the stars twinkle brighter, the talent was truly spectacular!

Around the enchanting performances, I couldn’t help but sit in the sheer joy of being part of such an incredible event. And then the time came to announce the winner, and my name wasn't echoed. But let me tell you, it didn't dampen my spirits one bit! The talent displayed by the students was so extraordinary that I couldn’t help but cheer for the deserving winner.

As I reflected on the day, it dawned on me that the true victory was being part of such a dazzling show filled with festive spirit and remarkable talent! The joy of sharing the stage with these incredible performers left me beaming with joy. Though I might not have bagged the prize, the experience was worth every jingle!

A heartfelt thank you to the fabulous Alex Till for not only presenting the certificate to all the participants and of cause the winner, but for also reserving a spot at the talent show for me. Without your generosity and support, I wouldn't have experienced the joy and wonder of such a delightful event! From what I hear back home, your definitely on the good list! Stay tuned for one more magical tale from my 12 Days of People!