Hold onto your sleigh bells because today, I've brought back some extra special CPD magic! Oh, what a jolly day I had with Fiona from the Institute of Education team! Fiona, the Office Support Manager extraordinaire, is the true star behind the scenes, keeping everything merry and bright! After snapping a quick Elfie (because, well, priorities!) Fiona whisked me off to meet the Institute of Education training group as they were completing their NPQLBC (National Professional Qualification Leading Behaviour & Culture) And guess what? She graciously extended an invite for me to join in!

Now, fashionably late as an elf can be, I slid right into the session! After all, behaviour is my specialty! The learning extravaganza was simply splendid! Can you believe it? I, Elfie who usually shies away from learning, found this positively delightful! We had jolly conversations and shared thoughts on various areas. There was this one question about learning behaviour, and though my answer might not have been textbook, I said being a top-notch leader in behaviour means keeping the Christmas spirit alive 365 days a year! What's your take on that? Around all the knowledge gathering, I couldn't help but wonder how this was all arranged. Did Fiona organise this holiday of learning wonders? I'm putting in a word to Santa to recruit her for Christmas Day planning, talk about organization skills!

The training ended and I was presented with my very own mini-Elfie certificate, that stated that i was qualified in NPQLBC! And guess what? You could be qualified too! Word on the snowy lanes is that it's free, but there's a limited time to sign up!

Sign Up Now!

What are you waiting for? Let me tell you, I learned more in a single day than I ever did at Elf school! Thank you, Fiona, for whisking me away into the realms of training wonderland! And hats off to you for being the organised wizard behind this marvellous training extravaganza! As Santa would say, you've got the method to the madness all figured out!