Hold onto your pointy hats! Because today, I went to meet the talented Kerry Inscker, the Deputy CEO at Shaw Education Trust, for a very important meeting! It was all about this intriguing 'Agile Appraisal.' With my paperwork in hand, I felt confident, having marked myself as 'Green' on attitude, aptitude, and functional capabilities. Ready as ever! But little did I know, it wasn't as scary as I imagined! Kerry and I ended up having a cosy chat over a delightful hot chocolate for our Agile Appraisal meeting! (We also had lots of cream and let's not forget the fluffy pillow marshmallows!)

We sat down, sipping our hot chocolates, diving into this unique method of being open with each other, talking about barriers and such. Kerry took a good look at my sheet and allowed me to explain why I thought I was in the 'green' section meaning I'm doing awesome. However, uh-oh! It turned out Kerry had a chat with Jessica from HR, and apparently, my little adventures crawling through vents, disrupting meetings and swinging on network cables didn't go unnoticed. My attitude got marked down to 'amber,' but Kerry assured me it's nothing major, just a gentle nudge to improve. I completely understand! I've taken Kerry's advice onboard. And guess what? She promised not to inform Santa about my mischievous moments. Phew, don't want to end up on that 'naughty' list!

Reflecting on my meeting: I realise that Kerry is inspiring and empowering. Picture this: imagine the enchantment of a snow covered forest, the twinkle of fairy lights, and the warmth of a crackling fireplace that's Kerry! Her guidance feels like a magical snowfall, gently guiding and empowering everyone around her. When I dream about growing up in the elf world, when I grow up (or rather, when I'm older in elf years!), I want to be just like her! Thanks a bunch, Kerry, for your guidance and for being such a jolly good sport! Also, thanks for the hot chocolate (it was better than Santa's) shh, don't tell him that!...

Here's to improvement and maybe a little less swinging on network cables!