Oh, what a magical day it was on Friday, celebrating the spirit of Christmas! And guess who was right there, making the day sparkle? None other than Stephen, the Chief People Officer! Our day kicked off with a quick meeting to discuss the agenda, and oh my tinsel, was it full of enchanting plans! From a merry game of Secret Santa to a whimsical challenge of guessing folks from their baby photos, what a delight it was! Anticipation built up as I waited for the festive festivities four whole hours! But you know what? Time flew by in a whirlwind of work. Stephen, the multitasking maestro, juggled crucial phone calls, meetings and he was also creating a brand new induction process for Shaw Education Trust. Talk about a magical multitasker! Within those hours, we conjured a beautiful Induction booklet the first step in our grand plan for success.


Finally, the moment arrived, Christmas Fun! It was pure fun, commencing with a beautiful buffet that set the taste for the rest of the activities! The gift exchange during our Secret Santa was nothing short of merry madness! We wrapped up the day by selecting winners for the Christmas jumper competition, over 30 jumpers to choose from! The theme? Ugliest Christmas jumper! Now, I have never heard of an ugly Christmas jumper, but choosing was a task, indeed. My choice? Heather from HR, who wore a jumper and a massive "Merry Christmas" sign! Talk about commitment to the holiday spirit! I felt disappointed because I didn't spot any knitted portraits of myself on any of the Christmas jumpers!


Stephen organised the day flawlessly. From managing crucial tasks to crafting new processes, it was a busy yet joy-filled day. Thank you, Stephen, for letting me be a part of the magic. You truly are the shining star of the show!