Tune in because this one is as fun as a Christmas Cracker! Destiny led me to an unexpected spot today, somewhere I'm not so familiar with! The Meadows Primary School in Blurton, a beautiful land full of pure magic! As I arrived I might've wandered around – uh, not causing any trouble, just looking for potential spots for some elfish work activities! You know how it goes! As I was skipping through the air vents, I suddenly fell through a vent right on top of some very important paperwork! And by surprise, I stumbled across Alison, the superhero Assistant Project Manager. What was she doing there? Well, I'll tell you... she was on a mission: an important mission to complete a Site Assurance Survey (SAS) to ensure safety for everyone!
As this was a very important mission, I was on my best behaviour today! So, as Alison was completing the mission, I wanted to help, so I left fluttered some extra Christmas cheer along the way and added a sprinkle of laughter here and there!


Alison was super impressed with our teamwork, so she treated me to lunch! Between bites of beautiful sandwiches, we had a good laugh discussing which list she might be on – you know, Santa’s 'good or naughty' list! I assured her that this Site Assurance Survey mission gave me all the information I needed to share with Santa. This being how Alison's commitment to safety was as bright as the star on the tree! Her thorough checks and careful inspections were like watching a beautifully organized dance - graceful and precise! Alison, you have blown off the stockings from the fireplace and I can't wait to tell Santa how incredible you are!
Thanks for letting me lend a hand with your Site Assurance Survey mission, Alison! It was an adventure full of safety and excitement! Oh, let's not forget to say thank you to The Meadows, Your school's like a magical extension of Santa's workshop! Thanks for having me!