Hold onto your Christmas hats for this one! Today Santa dropped me off at Saxon Hill, a magical place that felt just like the north pole! As I was sneaking around looking for somewhere to have fun! Guess who I found? Caitlin, the mathematical genius accounts manager, she was immersed in numbers at a finance system meeting. And what did I do? I chirped in with my own special mathematics - adding 3 to 2 to make 7 and then subtracting that from 1 to get 0! A bit of elf magic, you know? But, whoops, apparently, that wasn't right! I then spotted a blank canvas and got caught red-handed! scribbling on Caitlin's new iPad! I don’t think finance is for me! 

Numbers were zipping and zapping all around, and I must admit, keeping up with the calculations was like racing Rudolph! Caitlin is seriously a genius! Let me tell you! Her brilliance sparkled like tinsel on a Christmas tree! Her mathematical mind twinkled brighter than a star in the sky! and her mind danced through the digits and decimals like Santa’s favourite Christmas song!

Finance might not be my cup of hot chocolate, but Caitlin does bring the magic to numbers! It was a blast bumping into you Caitlin!

Also, Saxon Hill, your school is as magical as Santa's workshop!