Sophie on WOrk Experience at Shaw Education TrustHi, my name is Sophie and I’m currently a student at Trentham Academy. I came to Shaw Education Trust to the marketing team for my Work Experience because I’m interested in the media and creating pictures. I have really enjoyed my time at Shaw Education Trust I have met new people and learnt new things. I have had something new to do every single day which I have loved.


During the week, we looked at Trentham Academy website and social media channel to see how the content could be uplifted and made more engaging. We got a portrait picture and trimmed it down to get rid of unnecessary space so that the students are the main focus of the post. We added a border to give the picture a style, added a logo so the brand is recognisable and added the City Learning Trust logo, so people know that the school is part of the Trust. Finally, we added a title so people know what the post is about. It made such a difference.


I went to Kidsgrove Primary school with the estates team, talked to staff and took pictures putting it all together to make a great article for the Shaw Education Trust website.  To promote the article, I designed posts for social media which I enjoyed the most, it allowed me to be creative along side this writing articles to go with them. I learned to to use different photo editing apps like ‘Canva.’ My favourite one I designed was the Pink Sisters and Misters post. I had a lovely time with the videographer who was collecting footage to enhance a project the marketing team were working on. As part of this, we went to Kidsgrove High School and filmed one of the IT team plugging in wires and connecting to the Wi-Fi, these clips will go a long with the interviews, as it will make the video more entertaining.


Overall, I have loved my time at Shaw Education Trust, I will take everything I have learnt this week as it will help me for my coursework as I now know how to present things differently. This week I have lots of fabulous people which have helped me loads! I could see myself working for Shaw Education Trust in the future.


Some of my work:

Sophie's work for Kidsgrove PrimarySophie's Pink Sisters and Misters workSophie's work for Madeley Primary School