Saxon Hill's July Residential OFSTED report is nothing short of a celebration of excellence in providing care and support for children and young people. The outstanding rating is a testament to the school's commitment to creating a loving, supportive environment where children not only thrive but also make significant progress in various aspects of their lives.

Saxonhill Academy in LichfieldThe report highlights the meticulous attention given to each child's individual needs through highly detailed and personalised care plans. These plans encompass a wide range of areas, including education, social skills, and access to enriching activities. Despite the short duration of many children's stays, the school ensures that they make substantial progress, demonstrating a commitment to their holistic development.

One of the standout features is the skilled and perceptive staff who employ various communication methods to understand and respond to each child's unique perspective. The emphasis on fostering warm, trusting relationships contributes to the children's self-confidence and self-esteem.

The physical standards of the residential provision are noted to be exceptional, reflecting the staff's dedication to providing a safe and comfortable environment. From spacious lounges to well-maintained outdoor spaces, the facilities are designed to accommodate diverse activities while considering the complex needs of the children.

The report commends the school's outstanding approach to safeguarding, highlighting a dedicated safeguarding team that consistently reviews concerns and takes decisive actions. The staff's clear understanding of the increased risks faced by children with complex needs demonstrates a commitment to ensuring their safety and well-being in all aspects, including internet and social media usage.

Leaders and managers are recognised for embedding a culture of thriving within the residential provision. The governing body's effective oversight and continuous monitoring contribute to maintaining high standards and driving improvement. The collaborative efforts of highly skilled staff, encouraged to be creative and innovative, are evident in initiatives such as the inclusive gaming area.

Furthermore, the commitment to staff development and training ensures that the team remains well-equipped to support the complex needs of the children effectively. The emphasis on collaboration with parents and carers is acknowledged as a strength, fostering effective communication and positive relationships.

Saxon Hill's Outstanding OFSTED report is a reflection of a school that goes above and beyond in providing exceptional care, support, and opportunities for the children and young people in its care. The dedication of the staff, the collaborative approach to improvement, and the emphasis on individualised care truly make Saxon Hill a beacon of excellence in the realm of residential provision.


Read the full report here: Saxon Hill - Open - Find an Inspection Report - Ofsted