Introducing Our New Induction Process: The 'Best Welcome Programme'!

We are excited to announce that we have launched our new 'Best Welcome Programme'! This programme has been designed to create the, best welcome for all of our new colleagues with our aim of making them feel right at home from day one!

The ‘Best Welcome Programme’ will introduce all new colleagues to the Trust, sharing our Values and Purpose, and inducting them into our amazing culture. 

We believe that in today's market, attracting and retaining great people has become harder than ever. Welcoming new colleagues and immersing them into our culture right from day one, demonstrates our passion for recruiting, developing, and retaining the best.

We are proud to share with you our very first Face-To-Face Best Welcome Induction held at our SET Village.



You might be wondering what our new 'Best Welcome Programme' is all about and what it looks like:

• Imagine your first day without those typical nerves; your line manager eagerly awaits to greet you, having already connected with you multiple times during the onboarding process.

• That's just the beginning! Your new journey includes a dynamic partner in crime: your buddy, armed with insider knowledge on everything from the best parking spots to the best lunch locations. They're your ticket to seamless integration into the team.

• The excitement continues! Your manager dives into the world of agile appraisals and sprints, unlocking the secrets to success in our dynamic work environment.

• Wait, there's more to this journey? Your manager is not just a mentor but a cheerleader too, regularly checking in to celebrate your achievements and ensuring your smooth transition into the team, fostering an atmosphere of support and positivity.

• Get ready for personalised growth and development! Regular one-on-one meetings and agile appraisal sessions will keep you on track and empowered to reach your full potential.

• As the months fly by, your journey reaches a pivotal moment. At the end of your sixth month, your manager confirms your probation status, taking care of all the necessary paperwork with HR, ensuring your transition is nothing short of seamless.

At this stage, you will continue to be a cherished member of the Shaw Education Trust team, where we're all about backing your personal and professional growth with unwavering support.

We're thrilled to share this sneak peek into our induction process and how it benefits our new staff, setting the stage for an even more vibrant, joyful team that shares our Vision and Values.

If our vibe resonates with you, why wait? Dive into the adventure by joining our team today! Apply now and let's embark on an exhilarating journey together! Shaw Education Trust Career Site (