Every year, the Shaw Education Trust takes note of the concerning statistics shared by Brake (A Road Safety Charity), shedding light on the distressing reality of road accidents. The figures show 1695 lives are lost and 29,795 individuals sustained serious injuries on British roads in 2022 - this underscores the critical need for a comprehensive approach to road safety.

While we do not have formal partnerships, our commitment to promoting road safety echoes the urgency highlighted during this dedicated week. These alarming numbers serve as a poignant reminder of the immense impact road accidents have on our communities, families, and daily lives.

At Shaw Education Trust, we recognise the importance of cultivating a culture of awareness. Through our blog and various awareness initiatives, we aim to educate our students, staff, and local communities. This year, as we join the nation in recognising Road Safety Week, our focus remains on confronting critical issues like speeding - a significant contributor to road fatalities.

Join forces with us in spreading awareness by sharing this article with your social media followers! Want to go further? You can actively participate by supporting Brake (The Road Safety Charity) fundraising efforts. Bid on exclusive items available at Brake's online auctionAuction App (redtoothauctions.com)

Perhaps you're curious to learn more. Explore further by visiting Brake's website here: Road Safety Week | Brake

Together, let's pave the way for safer journeys!