Kidsgrove Primary School teach children ages 3-11 and have recently transformed the hall and kitchen to make a new warm and inviting environment. Working with the magnificent Carson Powell these rooms have seen a considerable change.

Starting with the outside, new windows and doors were installed to give it a more modern look.

The hall has been painted a vibrant purple and white with inspiring quotes and stunning designs spread across the walls. One of the many inspiring quotes being “Teacher’s plant seeds that grow forever”.  A modern, clean look has been achieved with black tiles inset with LED lighting. The result is an exciting new multi-functional area that can be used for dining, PE and much more.

The kitchen has been upgraded and seen the installation of a new extraction system to help filter the steam and gases. The canteen office, food storage and kitchen equipment rooms have been decorated, creating a pleasant environment for the kitchen staff.  

Mark, the caretaker at Kidsgrove Primary School said, “The new designs have improved the children’s eating experience; everything is a lot brighter, lighter and cleaner; it’s also more practical for the staff in the kitchen. It’s a lot more welcoming!”

A big thank you to everyone involved with the transformation. These new spaces will make a great difference for the pupils and staff at Kidsgrove.  

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This news article has been created by Sophie on Work Experience from Trentham Academy.