We are excited to announce that the development of this new special school has begun, and it is making great progress! Brookhaven, is undoubtedly a significant and commendable new development coming to Bury in January 2024. The school is designed and staffed to accommodate students with Autism and/or speech, language, and communication difficulties between the ages (11-16).

We are developing this as Bury Local Authority is facing a considerable increase in mainstream school populations due to an increase in the birth rate, immigration, and new housing developments. The scale of school expansions is such that any pupils moving from mainstream to the new school will have no impact on the viability of local schools.

Existing special schools which cater for pupils with needs such as profound and multiple learning difficulties, moderate learning difficulties, severe learning disabilities and physical difficulties have waiting lists for places which are currently occupied by pupils with ASD. Whilst it is hoped that there will be some pupils, currently educated out of borough, who could return to their community this might not be appropriate for all. However, the new school would have the benefit of avoiding the need for children to have to leave the borough due to the lack of early intervention and support.

Brookhaven’s Purpose:

1.    To provide specialist educational facilities for children who are struggling with the mainstream environment on a full time basis.
2.    Act as a centre of excellence and support for the local communities and schools by providing staff training and development by ASD/SLCN specialists to help pupils remain in mainstream education through the Shaw Education Trust Institute of Education.

We have followed a comprehensive set of design principles in delivering an inspiring and sustainable place to learn and teach. The design includes: 

•    This construction of a new school building and outdoor space to meet the specific needs of the students and enable every young person to achieve their full potential. 
•    The use of sustainable, robust and low maintenance materials.
•    Reduced traffic and reduced noise and disturbance to neighbours.
•    Highly energy efficient and sustainable Passivhaus design approach.
•    The use of technology to create an energy efficient building which applies best practice design and industry standards.
•    The use of modular elements and off-site construction method to reduce construction programme and number of trades on site.


School Access:

•    Vehicular access to the school through separate entrance onto Parr Lane.
•    Separate pedestrian access to the southwest from Parr Lane.
•     Pick up and drop off area with layby in front of building entrance.
•    Separate Staff Car Park.
•    Covered Cycle Parking.
•    External hard play to include covered learning areas.
•    Forest school area.
•    Horticulture are.
•    Multi Use Games Area

Who Are Shaw Education Trust? 

Shaw Education Trust is a growing multi academy trust sponsored by Shaw Trust. We lead and manage academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities. We are proud to be the sponsor of a rich variety of schools covering the primary, secondary, and special education sectors, ages 2-25. Each of our schools is unique and all have different starting points. Our school improvement strategy therefore must be agile in its approach, meeting the needs of each school in the most effective and efficient way. Want to find out more? Click Here!

We are excited for Brookhaven School to open, and we look forward to welcoming our new students

If you have any specific questions or need assistance with any aspect of this development, such as planning, funding, curriculum, or community involvement, feel free to CONTACT US, and we would be happy to provide guidance or information.