It is that time of year again … so get nominating!

Staff in schools and colleges across the UK repeatedly go above and beyond on a daily basis. The Unsung Hero Award recognises any school staff member who has positively enhanced the lives of others in their school community.

Whether it’s working quietly behind the scenes with a positive attitude, always demonstrating a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, or someone who is continuously committed to attaining a high standard – this award is for those individuals who consistently go the extra mile.

This category is open to all staff working in establishments providing full-time education to children aged 3-18, including school office staff, caretakers, lab technicians, all support staff.  Entries are welcomed from early years settings, state and independent schools and FE colleges.

Individual nominees who have been entered into other categories can also be entered into this category, but the entries must be unique.

So, if you think your school has an ‘Unsung Hero’, now is the time to show your appreciation for their exemplary performance, how they always work beyond their job requirements, and their demonstration of a ‘can do’ attitude. So get nominating at:


Tips for the application process

It is recommended that applications are around 1000 words.

Think about what have been the ingredients of their success and how have they impacted the pupils, their families, and the wider community.

Key points to include are:

  • How have they enriched the lives of children and young people and their families, and galvanised colleagues to do the same?
  • How have they contributed to the school community showing tangible results?
  • How have they shown examples of positive working, helping those more in need than themselves? 
  • How have they encouraged others to be good citizens?
  • How do they lead by example, showing how actions make a difference?  
  • How have they helped those less fortunate than themselves?


Deadline for all entries is 5.00pm,  February 24th 2023 (have this bold or similar so that it stands out easily).