Though Safer Internet Day has passed, its message continues to resonate as we reflect on the meaningful initiatives undertaken by Madeley High School and Kidsgrove Primary School in celebration of this important occasion.

Madeley High School's Creative Competition:



Madeley High School seized the opportunity of Safer Internet Day by hosting a creative competition, inviting students to share their visions for a safer and more positive online environment. The competition encouraged students to think critically about internet-related challenges and propose innovative solutions through various methods.

From advocating for stricter regulations on social media platforms to promoting responsible online behaviour, students showcased their creativity and commitment to inspiring change online. Though the competition may have ended, its impact on fostering digital leadership and awareness carries on.





Kidsgrove Primary School's Lessons from 'Webster's em@il':



At Kidsgrove Primary School, Safer Internet Day was marked with valuable lessons inspired by the story of 'Webster's em@il.' Year 2 students explored the importance of internet safety through Webster's journey, learning about the potential risks of sharing personal information online and the need for responsible online behaviour.

By developing rules for safe internet usage, students gained practical skills and knowledge to navigate the digital world with caution and awareness. Though Safer Internet Day has passed, the lessons learned at Kidsgrove Primary School will continue to guide students in their online interactions for years to come.




Looking Ahead:

As we reflect on the initiatives undertaken by Madely High School and Kidsgrove Primary School, let's remember that Safer Internet Day serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for digital awareness and responsibility. By empowering students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world safely, we can create a more positive and inclusive online environment for all.